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Fall Soccer Practice Schedule
Below is the practice schedule for the Fall 2015 Soccer Program. U9-U14...
Fall Soccer Explained
Where/when do I register for soccer in the fall? Registration for...
I love watching you play.
Fall Soccer Practice Schedule

Below is the practice schedule for the Fall 2015 Soccer Program.

U9-U14 start the week of August 24th.

U5-U8 start September 12th

A game schedule for U9-U14 will come soon.


Age Saturday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
U5 (pre-K) 9-9:50 NE          
U6 (K) 9-9:50 NE          
U7 (1st) 10-10:50 NE     6-6:50 PP    
U8 (2nd) 11-11:50 NE     6-6:50 PP    
U9-U10 (3rd-4th)
      6-7:30 CP   6-7:30 CP
U9-U10 (3rd-4th)
    6-7:30 CP   6-7:30 CP  
U11-U12 (5th-6th)
  7:30-9 PP     6-7:30 CP  
U11-U12 (5th-6th)
  6-7:30 CP       7:30-9 PP
U13-U14 (7th-8th)
    7:30-9 CP   7:30-9 PP  
U13-U14 (7th-8th)
    7:30-9 PP   7:30-9 CP  

NE= North End   CP= Community Park  PP=Panther Park

by posted 08/13/2015
Fall Soccer Explained

Where/when do I register for soccer in the fall?
Registration for Fall soccer is now closed.

What ages are eligible?
U5- U14 (Pre-K – 8th grade)

Do you play other teams/towns?
U5-U6 – fun age-appropriate activities + small-sided scrimmages
U7-U8 – age-appropriate training + small-sided “internal” league
U9-U14 – Local travel as part of the West Essex Youth Soccer Association (WEYSA)

Are there tryouts for U9-U14?
No, this is a recreation league that Cedar Grove has participated in for many years. The level of play is quite competitive, and comparable to our collective skill level. You will still see great soccer.

Do they play on a big field with big goals?
The US Soccer Association has instructed that U9-U12 play on small-sided fields in 8v8 games. Goals are a little smaller than regulation. U13-U14 play on a full regulation size field. U9-U14 are officiated games as well.

Is Cedar Grove joining Northern Counties or another travel league for the fall?
No. We are finalizing our roadmap which leads us to travel. We hope (not confirmed) to host tryouts for travel teams in late fall for the Spring 2016 travel season.

If my child joined another travel club, can they still participate in the Fall WEYSA league?
Yes. You may have some conflicting games, but we have coached many children who do both successfully.

How can I help?
We do need your help! We are in the process of creating a full list of responsibilities we need help fulfilling. Once we have that, we will be in touch for help. This goes beyond the coaches on the field. Scheduling, club passes, merchandise, equipment, photography, media, an entire travel board….and more.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns that we may have missed. We want to clear any confusion, but we don't know unless you ask.

The CGSC Board

by posted 06/25/2015
I love watching you play.

by posted 06/24/2015

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